Partner Investing

For ideas that require a bigger commitment, sometimes the only solution is to invite more people. Our team at Minacov Group will bring great value added to any venture. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know exactly the kind of hard work that’s expected of young creators. We carefully consider every opportunity presented to us and come up with original way in which WE can help you succeed. What WE can bring to the table.

First Backer

The beginning of a great journey always starts small; the important thing is to make sure it doesn’t stay small. There are many hurdles on the path to success and it helps to have a helpful guide, showing you where all the traps lay. Our team at Minacov Group will safeguard you from the pitfalls every startup faces, and help your idea grow into a fruitful business.

Consulting and Advisory roles

Sometimes, you simply need another set of eyes to take a look at the fruit of your labour. Let Minacov Group supply you with sound advice for your developing business that will help it succeed where many failed. Our carefully crafted approach will be tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Share your talents with us!