About Minacov Group


Minacov Group

Who We Are

We are first and foremost a collective of like-minded individuals who all want to help fellow entrepreneurs accomplish great things. Be it a need for networking, investment, or planning, our team is ready to provide partners and customers with as much support as needed. We love to take on projects that we not only deem viable, but which also make us proud to say that we have helped create them.

We believe in the power of ideas, but it is the people that we are really interested in. Ideas come and go, but the people stay, and we hope that every person who meets us remembers Minacov Group as a place where fellow risk-takers can come for support and create something that matters.



When contacting Minacov Group, one can be sure to rely on a quick and decisive reply. We want to maximize our time spent on furthering the project, and expect other entrepreneurs to be just as mindful of time spent on various tasks.

All of our partners and clients are expected to provide detailed documentation upon request. This is necessary to establish a clear understanding of the needs and conditions related to the project. Minacov Group cannot be an effective partner without being informed.

By working with Minacov Group, you are not only working with exceptional individuals, but you also have the opportunity to tap into our extensive network of friends, fellow investors, mentors, advisors and partners from all around the world.

How We Can Help You

  • Partner Investing - Bringing several investors together, to tackle even the most challenging of projects.
  • First Backer - Providing the first access to money, to begin realizing a project.
  • Consulting and Advisory roles - Giving feedback and advising on the feasibility of a proposal/partnership/investment.

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